Inscriptions, labels and stickers

TypeGallery stickers

Alain Lecomte, Paris, France

Alain Lecomte, Paris, France.

Alain de Monbrison

Alain de Monbrison, Paris, France.

Perls Galleries

Perls Galleries, New York, USA.

Dalton Somaré

Dalton Somaré/Leonardo Vigorelli, Milan, Italy

Pace Primitive

Pace Primitive, New York, USA

James Willis Gallery

James Willis Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

Charles Ratton

Charles Ratton, Paris, France


Lance and Roberta Entwistle, London, UK & Paris, France

Mathias Komor

Mathias Komor, New York, NY, USA

Here you can find an inventory of old registration numbers and labels featured on or attached to African art objects. You can browse them using a custom-designed tree-structure that should be self-explanatory.

In the past, many museums, private collectors and dealers inscribed registration numbers or other information on artworks in their collections. It is the goal of this project to offer a list of such numbers and labels whose authors have been identified. This page will also feature inscriptions that still need to be attributed.

The present list is work in progress. Please get in touch (here) when you would like to add information about inscriptions or labels not already listed.