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Auction surprise of the week: a zoomorphic Shona (or Tsonga) headrest from Mozambique/Zimbabwe

Tsonga Shona headrest Zimbabwe

This beautiful headrest came up for auction in the UK yesterday. 15 cm high and 14 cm long, it comes from either the Shona or Tsonga (who live in Zimbabwe and Mozambique). This rare zoomorphic example was sitting in a small mixed auction with an estimate of £ 1,000-1,500 – clearly there was already an awareness of its value since it was not valued at £ 50-100. After a fierce bidding war it eventually was sold for £ 23,000 (without premium) to the new lucky owner – it’s clear again that the regional UK auctions are well checked on sleepers 🙂

zoomorphic Tsonga Shona headrest Mozambique


Shona mbira song

A beautiful hypnotic song I wish to share. Performed on a Shona mbira in the back seat of a car. Unfortunately the Youtube clip came without any information on song or artist. Anonymous, like most African art.