A James Bond villain collecting African Art

Roger Moore The Man with the Golden Gun African art

Last night, I discovered that Francisco Scaramanga, the antagonist of James Bond in The Man with the Golden Gun, was an African art collector. When 007 gets invited for lunch at Scaramanga’s island hideaway, the two first cross the living quarters where two big African works of art are on display. First, we see a big Senufo bird figure (sejen) from Ivory Coast, followed by a classic Yoruba epa mask from Nigeria. Unfortunately I could not track down neither of the works – no surprise since the island explodes at the end of the movie 🙂  Anyhow, I guess the set designers wanted to illustrate the sophisticated nature of this villain, portraying him as an non-Western art collector.

the man with the golden gun ivory coast senufo bird figure sejen

yoruba epa mask nigeria james bond 007 scaramanga

ps apologies for the blurry image quality, these are snapshots from my tv.