Looking back at 2014

The top 10 (out of 174) of the most popular blog posts of 2014:

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  4. “In Pursuit of Record Prices”: The Myron Kunin Collection at Sotheby’s New York (11 November 2014)
  5. Parcours des Mondes 2014 review
  6. Caveat emptor: a Pende mask from Picasso’s collection ?
  7. Tweeting about African art
  8. Parcours des Mondes 2014
  9. Back at the office
  10. Three Dutch ethnographic museums merge

My favorite book published last year was Claude-Henri Pirat’s Du Fleuve Niger Au Fleuve Congo – Une Aventure Africaine and the strongest exhibition I personally visited was Martin Doustar‘s Golgotha. What are your picks ?

Installation view 'Kongo across the Waters', image courtesy of Amyas Naegele.
Installation view ‘Kongo across the Waters’, image courtesy of Amyas Naegele.