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Ghent University’s ‘Cabinet of Wonder’ exhibition

Wonderkabinet Universiteit Gent

Something for the locals. Curated by Frank Herreman and artist Tom Liekens, Ghent University is currently presenting the most curious objects from their holdings distributed among its many museums. One of them (the Ethnographic collections) has a lot of African and Oceanic art, so there are some ‘exotic’ objects mixed in too. Inspired by the historical Wunderkammer , there’s a very wide scope of objects and all are categories are presented mixed-up. More than 50 contemporary art works have successfully been blended in. The lack of any labeling makes visiting this exhibition an intriguing experience. If you are in the neighborhood, definitely a must-visit. The exhibition is located in a beautiful 17th century Dominican library (Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, Gent) and is open daily (11AM-6PM), from 16 until 27 July and in the weekends of 2-3, 9-10 and 15-17 August. More info here.

Update: some footage here.

Cabinet of WOnders Ghent University

Frank Hereman Wonderkabinet

Ivoorkust Wonderkabinet Vandenhoute

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