1 year

Earlier this month silently celebrated its first birthday. 230 blog posts later, the site has been visited more than 40,000 times from 139 different countries. Currently at 280 daily visitors, I’m very happy with its success. Thanks everybody – especially for putting up with my faulty English.

The ten most read posts of this first year were:

1. R.I.P. Jean Willy Mestach (1926-2014)
2. Ethnographic Museum Antwerp Collection Online
3. African Fetishes and Ancestral Objects (Five Continents, 2014)
4. Ere Ibeji – Dos and Bertie Winkel Collection (Bruno Claessens, 2013)
5. Three Dutch ethnographic museums merge
6. Refined Eye, Passionate Heart: African Art from the Leslie Sacks Collection (Skira, 2013)
7. The Who’s Who in African Art
8. The future of the trade in ‘antique’ African ivories
9. A tale of a Borneo sculpture in Paris
10. The Luluwa workshop of the diamond shaped eyes

Upcoming is a new & improved way to browse the labels & inscriptions, but more on that later !