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Auction tip: André Blandin collection of African bronzes

LOMBRAIL - TEUCQUAM André Blandin bronzes

Next Saturday, 5 April 2014, the French auction house Lombrail-Teucquam will sell the André Blandin collection. Mostly bronzes, the sale includes some very rare and hard to find objects. Blandin’s 1988 publication Bronzes et autres alliages, which features many of these objects as well as the cover lot, is still one of the reference books for the bronze collector. The same can be said for Fer Noir from 1992 concerning iron African objects. Blandin’s 400 Objets africains pour la vie quotidienne lastly is essential for the collector of objects of daily use. For me, these three publications perfectly illustrate how a passionate collector can make substantial contributions to the African art scholarship. You can browse the 230 lots in detail here or download the catalogue here.