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Packaging of the day: Claes – TEFAF 2014

Claes Tefaf 2014 a

It’s not what you say, but how you say it” has always been a popular marketing phrase. One dealer who’s very aware of this, is the Brussels based Didier Claes. Today, I received the catalogue for his exhibition at TEFAF. It was packaged in a very fancy black bubble wrap envelope. Once again, Claes is raising the bar for his fellow dealers. Participating as a full member of Tefaf for the first time*, a statement had to be made of course. Inserted in a luxurious slipcase, the catalogue presents 24 carefully selected objects – my favourite being the superb Luba caryatid stool illustrated below. Talking about Tefaf-quality! The book features texts by Agnès Lacaille, Marc L. Felix, François Neyt, Manuel Jordan, Louis Perrois and yours truly.

*In 2008, he had already participated as part of Tefaf’s showcase program.

UPDATE: you can download the French edition of the catalogue here.

Claes Tefaf 2014 b

Claes Tefaf 2014 c

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