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Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam 2013

tribal art fair amsterdam 2013

Opening 24 October (by invitation only) and running from 25 to 27 October, the Tribal Art Fair in Amsterdam this year presents nineteen dealers showing objects from Oceania, Africa, Indonesia, South-America, Tibet and the Philippines. Located in an old church, this fair was a nice suprise for me last year when I visited it for the first time. Opening punctually at 15:00 the day of the preview, there was a queue of at least 150 eager collectors and dealers. There was a certain buzz in the air, and everybody was in a happy and relaxed mood – being located in Amsterdam and only starting in the afternoon, while everybody was already there for some hours, might of course have had something to do with it. Last year, I met several dealers that had made the long journey from Paris and even spotted Tom Phillips accompanied by David Attenborough. A fun fair !

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