Neumeister 15 May 2013

Two personal favourites from the last Neumeister auction (which was not very succesful, to be polite).

A fine ere ibeji pair in a known style that sold for € 4,500.

Ibeji pair Neumeister

To quote myself from my book on ibeji:

Ibeji of this type (with protruding lozenge-shaped eyes and a low-set pointed mouth), are described in the literature as originating from various Igbomina villages and cities. Similar examples have been found in Oro (25 km. to the north of Ila-Orangun), Ijomu-Oro (a few kilometers northeast of Oro), Esie (2 km. to the southeast of Oro), Oke-Onigbin (15 km. east of Oro and half-way to Omu-Aran), Ijara-Isin (5 kilometers northeast of Oke-Onigbin) and Omu-Aran (30 km. northeast of Ila-Orangun). In the circular area so described, Oke-Onigbin is centrally positioned, making this well-known artists’ village a plausible place of origin for this ibeji type. George Chemeche, with his diplomatic description ‘Oro/Omu-Aran region’, has provided the most accurate attribution for this local Igbomina sub-style.

And a fantastic Swazi headrest, which sold for only € 900.
Swazi headrest Neumeister

(all images courtesy of Neumeister)